“We are coming to the close of 2011 and still running with the r12 Program!”

Rev. Vincent Kandan from the Lenasia Church of the Nazarene ran the r12 Campaign in March, below is an encouraging letter telling about the impact r12 had on his life, his family, his church and community –


We entered the 50th (Jubilee Year) of our church building being in existence, this year. The church building was completed and occupied on the 25th of September 1961. This was the first religious building built in Lenasia.  Today Lenasia has a population of over 68000 people and is surrounded by many informal settlements.

I prayed much that God would give me something to take to the congregation that would encourage, grow and move them to another level in their relationship with Him.  Praise the Lord for Walk Thru the Bible (Elvis Mvulane) who invited us to attend a workshop where r12 was being promoted and I immediately knew that this is what our church needed and got started on planning a year-long celebration with r12!

I encouraged leadership and the congregation to buy into the r12 concept and training commenced.  Cell group leaders, Sunday school teachers and our Youth team were tasked to run with the r12 program in their departments.

We ran two services on Sunday mornings at 8:30am and 10:30am where I preached on the r12 topics.  The topic preached on Sunday was followed up by the Cell Groups, Youth, Men’s Fellowship/Women’s Fellowship and Sunday Schools.

Out of this exercise 25 Cell groups were established and each group had an average attendance of +- 12 people.  At the end of the sixth week the people felt that the r12 should be done again as it was not fully understood.  The number of Cells had to be reduced and this time many of them started with the last topic which was ‘Supernaturally responding to evil with good’.

Our Youth Cell met on Friday evenings and r12 was introduced to them at their level.  The average attendance of our youth was +- 80.  The young people were blessed and grew in their spiritual relationship with the Lord. They ended with a great Youth Day celebration!

We are so blessed to have professional educators amongst our Sunday School Teachers and they have assisted in writing up a curriculum using r12 to teach to our Sunday School children at their level. (This curriculum version has been adopted by Walk Thru the Bible).  Our Sunday Schools consist of +- 90 children.

Our church has successfully been running Holiday Bible Clubs in Lenasia for many years. This year  from the 4th to the 8th of July 2011 in conjunction with our 50th Celebration and r12 we reached +- 800 children from the Thembelishle informal settlement and the surrounding areas of Lenasia. The same r12 syllabus which was used for the Sunday Schools was used for the Holiday Bible Club.  Our emotions could not be controlled when children from all walks of life made a commitment and surrendered to God!  We were blessed with a birthday cake the size of a trestle (table) which was donated by Fruit & Veg Lenasia and enjoyed tremendously by everyone on the last day!

We have just completed a wonderful and successful r12 campaign here at the Lenasia Church of the Nazarene! The campaign started on the 6th of March and ended on the 17th of April where we concluded with a wonderful service where Rev. Elvis Mvulane was the special guest speaker!

r12 has made a great impact in many lives and has been a life changing experience for many members of our congregation.  I am so encouraged to see how people are applying r12 to almost every challenge which they are faced with.  By the renewing of their minds families were brought together again.  Many people stood dead in their tracks when it came to forgiveness.. but thanks to the r12 program they are now working towards forgiveness and how to repay good for evil!

We have just run a successful Marriage Enrichment Breakfast Session on 13 August with 22 couples in attendance.  The topic ‘Making a Sober Assessment of Your Marriage’ was used.  What a wonderful experience with Pastor Elvis Mvulane as one of our speakers!

We thank God for an organization as Walk Thru and look forward to working closely with them.  Thank you for your commitment and hard work!

I can’t believe it! ……..  we are coming to the close of 2011 and still running with the r12 program!, ………  can you believe it!

God bless you always!

Rev. Vincent Kandan

Lenasia Church of the Nazarene

For more information on the r12 Campaign, please phone 011-782 4222 or visit




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