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The Great Reward

My righteous one will live by faith. ~ Hebrews 10:38 In the Word:The quote is from Habakkuk 2. Paul used it in Romans 1 to indicate how sinners are justified. Here, the writer of Hebrews uses it to launch into his famous passage on faith. For centuries, Christians have treasured Hebrews 11 because of its […]

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Fake Boxing

by Chris Tiegreen After Punching Bags and Illusions My last fight was in third grade. Someone cut in front of me in line, so I smacked him. Considering the fact that he was twice my size, this was a very brave thing to do. And stupid. It didn’t turn out well. I’ve been rather non-violent […]

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When Hearts Align

by Chris Tiegreen A father had two sons. One son was always asking his father for things. Some of them were legitimate needs, others were extravagant wants, and most were a combination of the two. The son frequently didn’t know ahead of time how his father would answer, but he knew he always had a […]

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Escape to Reality

by Chris Tiegreen When the Kingdom Whispers Your Dreams I love beaches. I always have, and I always will. I think they’re pretty close to paradise, and I’m convinced heaven will be full of them. My family usually takes a summer trip to the beach, but we couldn’t squeeze it in last summer. The schedule […]

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