Can I duplicate a CD, DVD or similar media?

It is the policy of Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa that NO CD’s, DVD’s or similar media may be duplicated, for ANY reason.

Based on this policy, if you encounter a duplicate CD, DVD or similar media know it is done without permission and is illegal. May we even ask that you inform the holder as such.

Why such a policy?

– Although some circumstances may seem legitimate, once permission is granted in one instance it is impossible to control duplication thereafter.

– Always using the original ensure a quality, LifeChanging, experience, consistent with the reputation that Walk Thru the Bible strives to maintain.

What about my need?

Option 1: Please contact Walk Thru the Bible per email on, explaining your need. We will do all we reasonably can to provide the additional media you need at a greatly reduced price.

Option2: Go ahead and use the media as you intended. If any of the media gets damaged or lost while in use to change lives, Walk Thru the Bible will bend over backwards to help you. Please contact Walk Thru the Bible per email on, explaining your situation and we will do all we reasonably can to replace the additional media. The replacement cost depends on your usage.

This policy applies in all circumstances, including the following:

– CD’s/DVD’s get lost or damaged when loaning them out,

– For use in a library to loan out,

– Many small groups in the church that need to access the CD/DVD at the same time,

– My CD/DVD got damaged due to overuse,

– And many more…

Please do feel free to please email with your query, or click here to submit a query.

Remember, Walk Thru the Bible exists to serve you!

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