How to do a Church Campaign – Toolbox Event

Learn how to run a successful church campaign in your local church. Fast-track your learning process on how to plan, approach, structure, run and wrap-up your campaign. Recommended for the senior pastor and the church campaign leadership team to attend. Discover the various resources at your disposal. Walk Thru the Bible-facilitated Church Campaigns have a proven track record in southern Africa, based on multiple positive feedback received. Maximise your event!

Who should attend: Pastors and Church Leaders

An effectively ran Church Campaign…

Provides a full-bodied learning experience for your entire congregation.

Increases church unity through a combined focus. The Church Campaign unites the adults, youth and children on one specific topic or Biblical text for a focused period. There is unity of program, of thinking and of energy.

Provides a project to which everyone can contribute! Church Campaigns have a place for all gifting’s to serve in.

Focuses on a specific topic or biblical text, and each includes a variety of resources that can be used by church leaders every week — typically including sermon transcripts, sermon outlines, PowerPoint presentations, supplemental preaching illustrations, Bible studies, supplemental icebreakers and activities.

Is typically developed by an expert on the subject.

Allows you to stop, at least for the Church Campaign period, those activities and ministries that are not working. This valid pause may provide a time for all involved to re-evaluate the effectiveness of the ministry they are committed to.

Requires team work to achieve the Church Campaign’s potential, thereby increasing this capacity in your church for future ministry.

Increases church attendance.

Activates your membership through a deepened spiritual commitment. Members are motivated to attend services, participate in the devotionals and join small groups.

Is small group driven – thus leaving the church with a dynamic and expanded small group structure on which to build after the Church Campaign ends.

Giving typically goes up.

Leads to a changed focus from “us” to “others” and raises awareness of local and global community needs.

Building on the sermons and Bible studies, the Church Campaigns are anticipated to lead to projects of good work.

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