KidZ At Heart – USA Teams visits SA!

We had the privilege to have a team from the USA here for 10 days to help us with training and outreaches. Pat, Sherrie and Melissa spent 3 days equipping children’s ministry leaders in various relevant themes such as How Kids Learn Best, Leading a Child to Christ and How to Help Children Grow in their Relationship with Jesus. They also got to spend some time with the current South African trainers and a couple of new trainers from Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Zambia to encourage and equip them.

They had various opportunities to present lessons at schools, churches and Bible clubs, which was a great blessing to all involved.

Of course they had some fun too – they went on a game drive in Parys, visited a lion farm and met new friends and tried some of our favourite food. In all – we are grateful to God who keeps on sending the right people at the right time to make an impact where needed. Our KidZ at Heart training for this year is done, but keep an eye on our website for the 2015 dates and themes.

Yolande Nunes
KidZ at Heart Coordinator: South Africa

Let’s hear what the students had to say:

I have learned so many new things.
– Gloria

Each child is unique, in in terms of learning, and they are very important to God. Children’s ministry is a calling, not just a pass time. God has placed it on my heart to share this with others.
– Derrick

We only have 2 hours out of 168 hours in a week to teach kids. It is a big and important job!
– Phillip

I have learned that although things seem easy to us, it is better understood by children when they apply what they have learned. The training was like a faith renewal injection!
– Bronwen

One focus. We tend to have too many ideas to get across in one lesson. Keep it simple. Prepare well.
– Ria

I enjoyed our own presentation, being part of the lessons!
– Vera

I have grown spiritually. Thank you!
– Karabelo

The lesson on spiritual transformation of children was what I enjoyed the most. Children can and should also grow in their relationship with God and we need to help them to do so.
– Coleman

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