“Old Testament in 3 minutes”

Starfish Malawi works with the local schools on different levels: Education, funding for building projects, orphan care, children’s clubs etc. They have now started the Bible Explorer project for the schools to help with the religious education of the children.


Five instructors were trained. The main outline of Bible  Explorer has been translated into Chichewa and the students learnt this with the hand signs. The training started with a model seminar as none of the students had ever attended a BibleExplorer seminar. Two days were spent on topics like: the story line of the Old Testament, story telling, teaching methods and the Books of the Bible. By Friday afternoon the students were presenting Genesis to 20 children.

Click HERE to view a video extract from the event.

Here is some of the feedback:


At first it seemed so difficult and impossible to learn the 77 steps in just 4 days. But after two days I found out that the impression I had at first was not true.

Our facilitator was so enthusiastic with what she was teaching, I started loving it and now I can do what I thought I couldn’t.

I believe God has called me to the BibleExplorer Programme. I am looking forward to the time I will start going into schools to teach the children.



The training is very brilliant to me. The good thing I enjoyed is that we did the whole Old Testament through topics and hand signs. We then told the stories of the topics.

I can use this in schools teaching children. It is also useful to my everyday spiritual life, knowing the applications of the stories.

This was very brilliant because I managed to know more which I did not know for my whole life since I started the lessons.

If God gives us a second chance we can have more from the New Testament. Both the topics and the stories encouraged me and can encourage children. Children can easily remember what we taught them through dramas, songs, puppets, signs and hand signs which I have not known before.



The programme has helped me a lot as I have learnt to explain the stories using hand signs. The training has been fun. I can now explain the Old Testament in 3 minutes.

As a children’s teacher, I am thankful for the skill that has been added unto me.

I am also happy that I learnt to use maps and to locate some areas in the Bible

The training is good, to mention it briefly.



The training was very brilliant to me personally because I have found that I am now able to explain all the important events from the Bible.

This walk Thru the Bible training will also help the children and the adults to discover the secret of the Bible.




For more information please contact Walk Thru the Bible on or at 011 782 4222, or Kids in the Book



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