Opening up a world of possibilities

At a recent Sharpening your People Skills training seminar, in answer to the question, “How are you different as a result of this seminar?” these were a few of the responses:

You opened a world of possibilities for us.

Positive, see possibilities and relationships at work place. I will do my part.

Choosing to see people’s strengths will help me deal with tension and conflict in the team.

I understand my behaviour better and that will help me understand the people I interact with.

I can control how I treat/react to others. My attitude has changed from seeing people as attacking.

I am different because I know understand why people to things differently and I now have room to accommodate them. Making sure that there is no conflict situation.

I am more aware of how my behaviour affects others.

And regarding the Understanding the Love of Your Life seminar, the thoughts were:

Eye opener!

It opens your mind/eyes

Understanding the Love of Your Life to get a better marital life

Very good – this is a life changing experience

This information empowers and allows me to use it to the advantage of my relationship. I understand myself and my life partner so much better now.

It was great fun to experience this with my partner.

I got to know myself and help my partner.

Learnt almost more about myself than my partner, but we will both benefit. Everything was great.

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