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What is r12?

r12 True Spirituality is a new church campaign and family of growth resources for relational discipleship. It inspires and guides believers to become authentic disciples through a verse by verse expositional “unpacking” of Romans 12.

Why r12?

In a world of spiritual options, most people are customizing their spirituality – and yet they believe they are spiritually healthy and “good” Christians. How many truly know what God wants from them – or have the wrong idea of what it means to be a spiritually mature, authentic disciple?

Recent research has shown that church programs are not producing mature Christians. And sincere Christians have tried lots of dead-end, theologically flawed, and quick-fix spiritual approaches that have left them unfulfilled, disappointed or disillusioned. It’s not surprising that so many feel lost, stuck or sidelined.

The r12 church strategy starts out with correcting that misunderstanding ….it’s about inspiring and guiding people to give God what He really wants – and become who He wants us to be.

r12 provides a START HERE (or re-start) for Christians


New believers I recently gave my life to Christ…”

  • START HERE – r12 helps them start the Christian journey in the right direction

Stuck believers “I’ve been at church all my life, but I don’t feel close to God…”

  • START HERE – r12 provides a path to spiritual breakthroughs that isn’t reliant on “trying harder.”

Sideline believers “I’m tired. I’ve done all the programs. It’s time for me to sit out…”

  • START HERE – r12 meets them right where they are with a pathway back to healthy engagement with God and a church family.

Seasoned believers My relationship with Christ is the center of my life…”

  • START HERE – r12 gives them a pathway to disciple others…perhaps for the first time.

Why it’s Different?

r12 is not about being religious, keeping rules, developing programs, church growth, self-actualization, or spiritual formulas for success. Rather, it’s about taking inventory of your relationships and helping you find Biblical answers to some of the most important questions in your life…

Life’s Significant Questions

The search for Biblical answers…

  • How to give God what He wants most?
  • How do you get God’s best for your life?
  • How do you come to grips with the real you?
  • How can you experience authentic community?
  • How do you overcome the evil aimed at you?

5 Key Relationships

The context of a living faith…

  • Relationship with God
  • Relationship with the world’s values
  • Relationship with yourself
  • Relationship with believers
  • Relationship with nonbelievers

r12 Biblical Responses

The profile of an authentic disciple…

  • Surrender to God – Romans 12:1
  • Separate from the world’s values – Romans 12:2
  • Sober in self-assessment – Romans 12:3-8
  • Serving in love – Romans 12:9-13
  • Supernaturally responding to evil with good – Romans 12:14-21


A Proven Pathway…

r12 provides a pathway to help believers become more like Jesus everyday because it’s…

  • Biblical
  • Relational (not rule keeping)
  • Grace-based (not performance-oriented)
  • Faith focused (not trying harder)
  • Practical (not simply the ideal)
  • Measurable

How the r12 Church-wide Series Works

The key to a church-wide series is focus with multiple reinforcements. Most people hear a sermon on the weekend and then different teaching in their small group, devotional book, Bible reading, etc. during the week. The result is a lot of information that doesn’t go very deep. A church-wide series simply provides FOCUS on one key theme each week and then drives the theme deeper into the lives of the congregation by reinforcing it several times during the week.

Weekly Themes: Questions People Ask…
r12 Introduction What is true spirituality?
Surrender to God How do I give God what He wants the most?
Separate from the World’s Values How do I get God’s best for my life?
Sober in Self-Assessment How do I come to grips with the real me?
Serving in Love How do I experience authentic community?
Supernaturally Responding to Evil with Good How do I overcome the evil aimed at me?

Weekly Reinforcements:
The r12 themes are found throughout Scripture, not just in one passage. That’s why r12 comes to life with teachings from the Old Testament, Paul’s writing in the New Testament and in the life of Christ.

  • Opening weekend service and 7-Day Devotional: Start the campaign with a message covering the Romans 12 passage. Then challenge each member to do the foundational 7-day devotional over the following week.
  • Weekend Services: r12 themed messages seen through the lives of Old Testament figures: Abraham, Daniel, Moses, David & Jonathan, Joseph
  • Small Group Study: True Spirituality According to Jesus. Go deeper with the six-week video-based content developed for small group study and adult classes.
  • On Demand: r12 Online for commonly asked questions. This video-rich environment helps people become “self-feeders” of Romans 12. (

Model what you are asking your members to do, for 100% participation:

  • Do the 7-Day r12 devotional
  • Join a small group – True Spirituality According to Jesus
  • Participate in the weekend services
  • Serve the local community with your small group in the church-wide community outreach project

Flexibility: The r12 structure above is a recommended approach, but you can do it in the way that suites your local church the best. Take what will work and leave the rest – that’s flexibility!

r12 Church Campaign Kit

This comprehensive kit includes the following components
Kit contents may change over time


  • DVDs: Includes two DVD’s. DVD One: Start the campaign with a introductory message from Chip Ingram covering the r12 campaign. DVD Two: Full full ‘True Spirituality According to Jesus’ Small Group DVD with six sessions.
  • Sermon Tools CD: On this CD you will find Six Audio Messages (MP3 Format); Sermon Transcripts; Teaching Outlines; Powerpoint Support; Chip’s Coach Notes.
  • Campaign Director/Communications Team CD: On this CD you will find the pdf seven-day r12 introductory devotional, Word documents and Excel sheets to help you organize and manage the campaign. You’ll also find samples of how Venture’s Campaign Director organized and executed the campaign to serve as an example.
  • Weekend programming CD: It includes:  Weekend Service Programming Ideas ; Music, Video & Visual Art Ideas ; Order of Service & Bulletin Samples. Small Groups Toolbox: It includes a Profile of a Small Group Host; Profile of a Small Group Coach; Evaluation Form for Small Group Members; How to Start a Group (use in host orientation); FAQs for Small Group Hosts (use in host orientation); Bonus Session: Better Together; r12 Personal Spiritual Health Assessment.
  • R12 Youth Curriculum CD: Includes: Six-week small group curriculum with leader’s guide; Daily Devotional (5 days for each “S” – Surrender, Separate, etc.); Sample weekend messages; Social networking and SMS strategy.

r12 True Spirituality According to Jesus – Small Groups

  • True Spirituality According to Jesus Small Group Study Guide: The True Spirituality Study Guide is the companion piece to the Small Group DVD. This six-week study guide takes your journey deeper with message notes, discussion questions and hands-on activities that put the principles of Romans 12 to work in practical ways.
  • True Spirituality According to Jesus Small Group DVD: Romans 12 is the START HERE for the Christian life. What most Christians sadly misunderstand is that God isn’t into religious activities or performance-based Christianity. Instead, Romans 12 reveals to us a relationship profile of what it means to be a disciple, as well as a proven pathway to becoming more like Jesus every day. Includes one DVD, six 15-minute sessions.


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