Reaching hearts and minds through the airwaves

We can all agree that radio broadcasting as a means of reaching people, is a very effective method of communicating and getting a message across to people from all walks of life. What better way to reach the man in the street than getting a resonant message to remain in his mind and heart, than through this medium?

Walk Thru The Bible, in partnership with various radio stations throughout southern Africa, are exploring this avenue as a means to convey lifechanging Bible tools and training to listeners to see every community impacted.

This foray into the medium of radio broadcasting, is bearing fruit, with 28 minute teaching programmes being broadcast with regular slots on 9 radio stations across southern Africa. Among these are national stations like TWR Malawi, which covers Malawi and crosses over into neighbouring countries. Then there are the community stations like Radio Tygerberg and CCFM which cover the Western Cape, and Radio Pulpit which covers the Gauteng area. Most stations also support DStv broadcasting and internet streaming. Between all the stations, an average of 20 courses are broadcast each quarter.

Anthony Dube and Sean Goliath doing a voice recording

Radio stations like Radio Christian Voice (community radio station in Zambia), Channel 7 (Namibia) and Gamkaland Radio (South Africa) broadcast the 28 Minute teachings periodically, according to their subject matter.

Various radio stations in South Africa utilise short 2 to 3 minute radio bites from John Maxwell and Living on the Edge as fillers. These are proving popular, with Highway radio in Durban, Impact Radio (Pretoria) and Rainbow FM (West Rand), using John Maxwell shorts on a regular basis. On average,  approximately 500 short programmes are broadcast each quarter. The programmes are given to stations at no charge, so the estimation is that there are numerous broadcasts which have not been included in the figures currently available.

Anthony lending his voice to the Living on the Edge short programme

In the medium of television, Chip Ingram teachings are presently being rebroadcast on Botswana National Television, reaching the whole southern African region via the vivid satellite, and also available on DSt channel 137.

Available on the website are message notes (similar to mini workbooks), which are downloadable from the website, to serve as a workbook with the teachings.

Testimonies :

I really love the Walk Thru the Bible messages that are played on our 2 Christian stations in the Western Cape. So simple, but VERY effective. Keep up the good work.
– Kim Webster, 15 December 2010

Thanks for the notes in your website, they are really helping me a lot.
-Bonnie B. Lekgaba, via e-mail

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