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soccer4children Camp – January 2012 – Day 3

66 Boys woke up this morning with the prospect of quality life coaching and soccer training by highly trained soccer coaches. They’d got a taste, the previous day, of the dedication and hard work it takes to become a skilled player. (more…)

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“Old Testament in 3 minutes”

Starfish Malawi works with the local schools on different levels: Education, funding for building projects, orphan care, children’s clubs etc. They have now started the Bible Explorer project for the schools to help with the religious education of the children. (more…)

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35 Entoesiastiese kinders draf deur die Nuwe Testament

Gedurende die laaste week van die Julie vakansie het die VEK in Drie Riviere ‘n kinderklub gehou vir al die laerskoolleerlinge van die omgewing. 35 Entoesiastiese kinders was elke dag saam vir hierdie pretdraf deur die Nuwe Testament. Die temas van die verskillende dae was: Jesus het gekom; Jesus gee om; Jesus gee Homself; Jesus […]

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“Reviving our teaching spirit…”

Upon entering the Eikenhof facility on the 1st February 2011, one is filled with a sense of bewilderment; the source for this being the groups of people from different countries gathered in groups outside, and making hand gestures while reciting Biblical words. Closer inspection reveals that these people are in fact, receiving the training required […]

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“…take a walk and change the world.”

Northcliff Union Church in Johannesburg was witness to a profound seminar on 30th January 2011. The Walk Thru the Old Testament Toolbox training event was hosted here on the day. The event had a total of 98 participants attending, ready to be blessed by Reverend Phil Tuttle’s presentation of the Walk Thru the Old Testament […]

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