‘How to Grow a High Impact Church’ options

Now with many alternatives, one option is sure to work for you…

One of the key requirements to join the High Impact Network is that the leadership of all new High Impact Network applicant churches first needs to have experienced the ‘How to Grow a High Impact Church‘ message. The pastor and church leadership need to evaluate how the principles suggested in this course apply to them. Upon membership application the pastor simply needs to confirm that this was done.

The current options to experience the ‘How to Grow a High Impact Church‘ message are to:

Buy the DVD kit – recommended
The full ‘How to Grow a High Impact Church’ DVD kit is available on the LifeChange Warehousefor online purchase – click here. This DVD kit contains all 12 full-length principles on 6 DVD’s. On the included Resource CD is the pdf leader’s guide; the reproduceable pdf workbook; MP3 audio messages of all twelve principles; PowerPoint presenation files; posters and promotional resources. A truly worth-while investment that you can use over and over again with the current and future ministry leaders in your local church!

Loan the DVD kit
If you are not able to purchase your own ‘How to Grow a High Impact Church’ DVD kit simply arrange to loan it from a fellow-pastor who has the kit. If you are not able to locate such a wise pastor, contact the Walk Thru the Bible office for options – email

Attend a ‘High Impact Church’ Toolbox event
Attend one of Walk Thru the Bible’s ‘High Impact Church’ Toolbox events. Click here for the latest schedule. New ‘High Impact Church’ Toolbox events are continually being added as pastor fraternals invite Walk Thru the Bible to present this free event. Want the ‘High Impact Church’ Toolbox event for your fraternal? – please email today.

Listen on MP3 audio
To listen to ‘How to Grow a High Impact Church’, click and download the following mp3 audio files:
[Law 1 – mp3 -55mins,55seconds – 32kbps – 13.2MB] ; [Law 2 – mp3 – 56mins, 55seconds – 32kbps –  13.4MB] ; [Law 3 – mp3 – 52mins, 21seconds – 32kbps –  12.3MB] ; [Law 4 – mp3 – 46mins, 04seconds – 32kbps –  10.8MB] ; [Law 5 – mp3 – 45mins, 45seconds – 32kbps –  10.8MB] ; [Law 6 – mp3 – 59mins, 29seconds – 32kbps –  14.0MB] ; [Law 7 – mp3 – 34mins, 22seconds – 32kbps –  8.1MB] ; [Law 8 – mp3 – 26mins, 43seconds – 32kbps –  6.3MB] ; [Law 9 – mp3 – 40mins, 45seconds – 32kbps –  9.6MB] ; [Law 10 – mp3 – 48mins, 52seconds – 32kbps –  11.5MB] ; [Law 11 – mp3 – 33mins, 38seconds – 32kbps –  7.9MB] ; [Law 12 – mp3 – 31mins, 41seconds – 32kbps –  7.5MB]    

Watch on YouTube
coming soon

Download the free workbook
CLICK HERE to download the free ‘How to Grow a High Impact Church’ workbook in pdf format (size 1.7MB) here. This workbook is not stand-alone – use it as you listen to the full audio tracks or watch the full-length DVD’s. At your discretion, you can also download the full-colour workbook cover (size 5.20MB). This is the same workbook that is available on the ‘How to Grow a High Impact Church’ DVD Kit.