In your pursuit of impact you have access to a growing number of benefits and opportunities for training, resources, empowerment and wider exposure.

High Impact Benefits…

It is about pastors helping pastors! There are two types of coaching you can request.

(1.) Advice and direction – receive advice, links to solutions and more on how the High Impact Network can best serve you and your church.

(2.) Ministry struggles or personal challenges. We all have them! Be linked to a fellow pastor who has gone through what you are, or who has experience of the situation. This is the Body of Christ in action!  Read here for more on coaching…

By optionally participating in members’ events you will start linking with like-minded leaders with the same passion to make an impact for Christ in this world. Be exposed to new ideas and potential partners within a supportive and encouraging community.

Strengthen * Encourage * Equip * Deploy. turn the tide 4 children (ttt4c) helps your local church reach out to vulnerable children in your community. High Impact Network members can: Qualify for the annual Sondelani break-away for care givers; Submit proposals for ttt4c funding; Request empowerment opportunities related to ministering to children; Be trained to reach and teach children; Receive advice on available children and youth resources. Go here for more details on ttt4c.

These events will be held from time to time and members will be invited to optionally attend. Some events will be exclusive to members.

Toolbox training events
High Impact Network members are encouraged to attend the ongoing ToolBox training events. These ToolBox events will be announced on the website, in PostCards (a monthly email update), and occasionally per SMS.

Engaged members will be entrusted with empowerment opportunities.

These exclusive offers (free and discounted) will be made available to members from time to time. The Opportunities page is only visible to logged in HIN members – request your Opportunity today!

Interactive communication
Only members will have access to the High Impact Network website, containing all the latest benefits and opportunities, along with helpful articles. Free Limited and Expanded SMS options are also available to keep you up to date. Read here from more on the communication options.