Communication methods

Important communication information for High Impact Network members

There are numerous exciting benefits to being a member of the High Impact Network. These include access to coaching, networking, turn the tide 4 children, events, training events, empowerment and opportunities. The purpose of these benefits is to serve your church in order to impact your community.

In order for you to be aware of the latest benefit announcements the High Impact Network will be communicating with you through a number of methods.

Whenever you contact the High Impact Network, please mention your High Impact Network number.

Website –

As a valued High Impact Network member you now have full access to an exclusive online member’s area.

The High Impact Network website is accessible from – simply click on the High Impact Network logo on the home page. From here you will be taken to the High Impact Network section. Alternatively, find the link under the top ‘Services’ menu on the home page.

Your local church will be registered for access to this exclusive section. Take note of your website access profile(a username and a password) you will be emailed to gain access to the High Impact Network member’s section.

Only one unique website access profile per church will be registered. The same one is to be used by all of your local church members.

Pass on the website access profile to all the appropriate pastors and church and ministry leaders with your local church. Give them the website address (tell them from there they click on the High Impact Network logo – alternatively, find the link under the top ‘Services’ menu on the home page.or section), your username and your password. Again, everybody in your local church uses the same website access profile.

Encourage your ministry leaders to visit the website and see how they can be served in their ministry area.

Prospective High Impact Network members (i.e. non-members) have a limited access to the website in order to obtain membership information and the online membership application. Encourage other local church pastors to have a look!

Please do not pass on your website access profile to other local churches – they need to apply for membership first.

Emails – Impact Updates

Impact Updates will only be sent out periodically, when new benefits or opportunities become available to your local church.

You can subscribe as many of your ministry leaders as you like to the Impact Updates email. Once subscribed, each will receive their own email.

They can also subscribe themselves when logging into the High Impact Network section.

A verification email will be automatically emailed to each new Impact Updates subscriber – each needs to accepting order to enable Impact Updates receipt. Each recipient should check their spam filters to ensure the emails are coming through.

For your convenience, all your members email addresses, as indicated per your application form, will be added to the Impact Update email.

Any Impact Updates subscriber can easily unsubscribe on receipt of an Impact Update.

Go ahead and subscribe all your local church leaders yourself! Just tell them in advance to verify the received emails.

SMS Limited

Be reminded that you will, from time to time receive SMS’s from the High Impact Network as described on your High Impact Network application form.

An occasional SMS’ to draw your attention to important updates – the SMS Limited service.

It will be assumed you are reading the other updates per email via the Impact Updates.

SMS Extended

Extended SMS’s are only for pastors and church leaders that don’t have easy email access.

These will be more regular and comprehensive SMS’s covering the Impact Updates and other website news.

This service is available upon request only. Email if you want to be added to SMS Extended.

Remember, the High Impact Network is here to serve you as you strive to impact your community for Christ!Communication is key in order that you and your local church ministry leaders know of the options available.

Questions? Please email, SMS 42862 (SA only, standard rates apply) or call 011-782-4222 (+27-11-782-4222). Remember to mention your local church’s High Impact Network membership number, if possible.

Until every community is impacted!