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Teach. Report. Benefit

Welcome to the new look, restructured and improved WorldTeach – open to everybody with a passion to teach for LifeChange. You simply teach any approved course, submit a report and reap the benefits. Every seminar counts – no matter the size, audience or location.

Seminars may be taught live or facilitated via DVD for a single person, small group or large audience.

For those familiar with the old WorldTeach structure, there is now no longer the need to register as a WorldTeacher, nor a requirement to teach a minimum number of seminars to a minimum number of attendees.

A WorldTeacher is simply a volunteer with a passion for discipleship – who believes that Bible teaching is key to the LifeChange the Lord commanded in the Great Commission.

As a WorldTeacher, you’ll be partnering to help make disciples of all nations – as you teach the Bible with the expectation that the people attending your seminars will become more mature disciples of Jesus Christ.

WorldTeach Reports can be submitted via this website, per SMS, per e-mail or postal mail.

Join a Bible teaching movement – the benefits of WorldTeach are both out of this world and of this world!