Another great Silver Ring Thing Show

“The Silver Ring Thing message makes it easier for me to say “No” to sex before marriage because it’s not just me alone – its good peer pressure. It’s also helped me think through how to handle relationships and realize you don’t need to have sex to feel loved.”

This was just one of many powerful testimonies from young people who attended the Silver Ring Thing Show at Northcliff Union Church on Sunday the 26th of August 2012.

Of the 375 teenagers who attended the show, 318 made the decision to follow God’s design and wait until marriage before having sex. Many chose to wear a silver ring as a symbol of their commitment to abstinence. Seven of the attendees also made salvation decisions and another 26 re-committed their lives to Christ! All glory to God for the work He is doing among our young people!

Prior to the show there was also a Parents Seminar to equip parents to encourage and support their teenagers as they pursue a lifestyle of purity.

Some of the parents commented:

There is so much media and outside pressure to be sexually active. I brought my son because Silver Ring Thing makes it okay and acceptable to say ‘No!’ to all that.


Schools teach even primary school children that condoms equal safe sex. Silver Ring Thing gives the Biblical context of sexuality and we need to get this message into the    schools. There are a lot of hurting kids out there.


Our kids loved the first show so much they wanted to come back and see it again and bring us with too!

Owen and Beverley

All teenagers need to get, in a safe environment, the knowledge that they need in order to make wise and safe decisions regarding their sexuality. Silver Ring Thing does that.

 Samantha (parent)

In the words of one of the young ladies at the show, “There really is beauty and wholeness in waiting”. What an impact there will be when young people across the nation believe and live this truth!

Click here for further information on Silver Ring Thing or Project 434 (Silver Ring Thing’s DVD based programme).

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It’s important for this generation to take a stand for God’s standards for sexuality. This is such a relevant presentation.


 This is purity put into action and there’s enough factual evidence to show that abstinence is the only way!


 This is an awesome ministry in these times. It’s needed to bring people back to what’s normal!


 Silver Ring Thing’s message is so vital – because it’s important to keep yourself pure for your husband or wife.


 The message of Silver Ring Thing is the basis of good relationships.


 The message of Silver Ring thing isn’t just about how not to get AIDS. We’re getting married in 3 months and have chosen not to have sex until we are married. It really is the coolest thing and makes it very special!

 R and E

 Sex is everywhere and people are exposed to it all the time. The symbol of this ring is so powerful. People ask me about it and then I get to tell them about God’s plan for our sexuality.


 It was very special to put on my ring and make a pledge to stay pure. The show really impacted me.


I think every teenager should take part in Silver Ring Thing. This gives you a set of values and morals. Sticking to this message would help a lot of problems.


Some photo’s of the show!!



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