Sold out! Silver Ring Thing Show wow’s Northcliff teens!

Almost 700 excited teens packed Northcliff Union Church in Johannesburg on Friday the 24th of August 2012 for the Silver Ring Thing Show. There was much anticipation as the countdown began to the show that uses music, special effects, comedy and video to bring a powerful message of abstinence to young people.

Praise the Lord for the 494 teenagers at this show who made a pledge of sexual abstinence until marriage and the 71 young people who made salvation decisions. Another 118 teenagers also recommitted their lives to Christ at the event.

Silver Ring Thing uses straight talking to teach purity and sexual abstinence until marriage – centered on a relationship with Jesus. There is also an evangelistic message of forgiveness and new beginnings for those who choose to embrace a ‘second virginity’. Those who commit to abstinence can choose to wear a silver ring as a reminder of their decision.

According to Gavin Wood, Senior Pastor at Northcliff Union Church: “We decided to host the Silver Ring Thing live show because it’s such an energetic and relevant programme, that deals with a difficult topic in an accessible and honest way – without compromising. We don’t want to see young people believing the lies of the world.”

Clive Garton, Youth Pastor at Northcliff Union Church went on to add: “According to government policy, condoms are the best form of safe sex and many young people believe this. Clearly, though, this policy is failing. The Bible teaches abstinence before marriage and that sex – in the context of marriage – is great. Silver Ring Thing makes this message relevant to all and it’s a message that we’re desperate to hear. If we are going to be serious about sorting out sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancy, the Silver Ring Thing message has to be heard!”

These were some of the enthusiastic responses from those who attended the show….

Silver Ring Thing gives me the confidence to say “No” to sex before marriage because I’m not the only one making this decision.


When I get married I want to give my husband everything – so I’m waiting!

Alisha (age 13)

This ring gives you something to remember and reminds you of the decision you have made. Keeping yourself for that one special person will help with so many problems.

Kagiso (age 15)

This programme promotes abstinence over safe sex and incorporates Jesus. It’s revolutionary!

Keith Westberg (Children’s worker)

I came to Silver Ring Thing because I believe in abstinence and I want to make a commitment to it. SRT lays it out in terms I can understand.

Cheru (age 17)

Silver Ring Thing inspires young people who are clueless about dating. Dating isn’t just about you and your partner – it’s also about God.


I am so excited to be here. We have been running Silver Ring Thing’s DVD course (Project 434) at our church and tonight is the grand finale of my decision to stay pure.


I came here tonight to make a commitment to God. I want to save myself for someone special and to understand what that means – I’m so excited to be here.

Simone (age 17)

I’m here to help tonight because I believe in SRT. Both my husband and I had attended Silver Ring Thing in the past and waited until marriage to have sex. It made it very special.

Nadine (helper)

My daughter got 8 kids from her school to come here tonight. The Silver Ring thing message is not important, it’s vitally important for this generation. They need to hear that sex is worth waiting for.

Brendan (parent)

This is dealing with something that’s a serious problem and can make a real difference to our generation.


It’s so important for the young people of today to stay pure. Many of them are so troubled. It’s such a privilege to plant this seed in their heart and help them stay pure. We’ve done Project 434 (Silver Ring Thing’s DVD based programme) three times in our church already and we’re going to keep going!

Cynthia (Hope in Jesus Ministries)

I really believe in the Silver Ring Thing. The ethos behind it is what the Bible teaches, while the world’s message so opposes the purity lifestyle.


Click here for more information on Silver Ring Thing live shows or on Project 434 (the DVD based programme)

Here are some photo’s of the event!

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  1. Marlene Axsel 07/09/2012 at 3:19 pm #

    I were at the Northcliff show and LOVED IT!!! It was great to see how many teens admitted that they have to change things in their lives.At least 90% of the people who were there participated. Awesome experience* and keeping myself clean till the BIG Day!

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