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Your invitation from Rick Warren…

Dear Pastor,

What is Purpose Driven?

If you want to have a healthy physical body, you don’t have to guess about how to get in shape – you can follow guidelines or models that include a well-balanced diet and exercise. To grow a healthy church, you don’t have to guess either. The Purpose Driven paradigm is a church health model to help your church get in shape to live out its God-given purposes.

The Purpose Driven model offers leaders in your church a unique, Biblically-based approach to help them establish, transform, or maintain a balanced, growing congregation. What is a balanced, growing congregation? It’s one that is growing larger in numbers as it grows deeper in carrying out the God-given purposes for churches through worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and missions.

This simple approach can help lead your church members toward a common foundational understanding of the Bible and a clear method for measuring spiritual growth. And the Purpose Driven model isn’t just for mega-churches. It’s used by congregations of all sizes, denominational and non-denominational, charismatic and non-charismatic, new plant and well-established, urban and rural.

Does your church need to:

Establish or re-establish its core purposes?

Design an intentional discipleship process?

Build an “outward-in” perspective to growth and evangelism?

If so, I invite you to embrace the Purpose Driven model.

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