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As a reminder, you only use this form to claim your benefit AFTER you have qualified by submitting at three WorldTeach Reports. You can submit a WorldTeach claim for every three WorldTeach Reports submitted within the past 18 months.

If this describes you, please go ahead and submit your claim below.

Are you ready to submit your WorldTeach Claim? GREAT! Congratulations on having submitted at least three WorldTeach Reports within the last 18 months. You certainly deserve this benefit!

Again, thank you for taking the time to submit your WorldTeach Reports. Please continue to submit your future events right here on

In addition to completing and submitting the WorldTeach Claim form below, you can alternatively e-mail the same details to

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Now, please list the submission dates of the three WorldTeach that you are claiming this benefit on. If you have forgotten, check your e-mail history for the receipt confirmations that we emailed out on the same day as you orginally submitted the WorldTeach Reports. If you do not have these, but are sure you have submitted three WorldTeach Reports within the past 18 months, please indicate this in 'Comments' below.

First WorldTeach Report submission date

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Third WorldTeach Report submission date

As your benefit, you can choose one of two types of vouchers that can be used on Walk Thru the Bible's online store, Please make your choice below:

Please remember that you have four months to use this voucher, after which it expires. One voucher per purchase.


Upon submitting my WorldTeach Claim I confirm that I understand and accept the terms and conditions (in the form of the WorldTeach Frequently Asked Questions).

The above statement has to be agreed to and ticked before you will be able to submit this claim.


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