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Silver Ring Thing’s 2.5 hour stage performance incorporates high energy music, special effects, fast-paced video, personal testimonies, and comedy all delivered in a concert-style approach with which teenagers can respond and relate. The program also conveys God’s evangelistic message of forgiveness and new beginnings with an opportunity to embrace a “second virginity.” Students who make a commitment to abstinence may purchase a silver ring as a symbol and reminder of their decision. To be encouraged and equipped in their commitment students can link up with others through the local Silver Ring Thing Africa Facebook Group. This event is targeted at middle/high school students (ages 12-18) but is also relevant to college and young adult ages.


See stories of past live events:

Another great Silver Ring Thing Show

“The Silver Ring Thing message makes it easier for me to say “No” to sex before marriage because it’s not just me alone – its good peer pressure. It’s also helped me think through how to handle relationships and realize you don’t need to have sex to feel loved.” This was just one of many […]

Sold out! Silver Ring Thing Show wow’s Northcliff teens!

Almost 700 excited teens packed Northcliff Union Church in Johannesburg on Friday the 24th of August 2012 for the Silver Ring Thing Show. There was much anticipation as the countdown began to the show that uses music, special effects, comedy and video to bring a powerful message of abstinence to young people. Praise the Lord […]

soccer4children Camp – January 2012 – Day 4

The boys attending the second soccer4children camp, not only receive soccer training from top-class professional coaches, but are also ‘coached in life’. From spiritual mentoring to leadership training and time management, to name a few. (more…)

Openly declaring that we had kept our promise to stay pure for each other!

Bernice and I attended the Silver Ring show in Soweto a couple of years ago where we made the commitment to stay pure until marriage. About three years later, we got married. It was so exciting on our wedding day when we exchanged our rings in front of the congregation, openly declaring that we had […]

Over 100 students make the pledge

The Project 434 DVD was shown in Polokwane by Andy Sapiro (Principal) in early June 2011 to the students of the Northern Academy. Over100 young people answered the call to commit to abstinence until marriage, with many more waiting for their rings to make their commitment.

Heeding the call to wait

“It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality,” (NIV)

soccer4children…the dream realised

With the soccer4children soccer clinic drawing to a close, days 9 and 10 seemed to melt into each other. To an outside observer, the children appear to have known each other for much longer than the ten days the clinic had been going.

Upcoming live events:

For upcoming live events visit the event schedule page or the YOUTH facebook

Can’t make it to an upcoming live event? Consider Silver Ring Thing’s powerful Project 434 instead!

Humour and technology are the two main vehicles used for communicating the message. Humour is used to get everyone comfortable about being there and talking about sex. Humour is also used to make a point. Comedy skits explore the ways teens relate to each other and the careless way they make decisions about their lives and their sexuality. The young people may be laughing but they get the message that there has to be a better way.

In addition, a vast array of technical equipment is used to present the program. The speakers and actors are supported by special effects, lights, cameras and televisions. Teens are drawn to this “cool” club-like atmosphere which they associate with the types of activities they normally enjoy. Our goal is to attract their attention by using comparable or even better equipment, and maintaining a high level of enjoyment while presenting the message of sexual abstinence and purity. The technical piece helps us “earn the right to be heard.”

The program is inspired by 1 Thessalonians 4:3-4, which states that for us to live a life pleasing to God, we must be sanctified and avoid sexual immorality. This life is not natural, but something that can be ‘learned’ and accomplished through faith in Christ. The vision of Silver Ring Thing is for this young generation to capture the truth of these verses and model an uncompromising integrity that will transform culture.

When will there be a live event in my area? In short, the answer is Project 434. You see, Silver Ring Thing does not currently have a full-time team to do the live events in southern Africa. The few live events that do take placeSRTshop6-w-r110614lh1-v1-001 are graciously presented by past team members on a volunteer basis. As and when live events are organised, these will be announced in the monthly e-mail update, called PostCards (subscribe today by sending an email to, on YOUTH Facebook Page, on Twitter (SRTafrica) and on this website, As they happen very infrequently it is not recommended that you hold out for a live event. Instead, do Silver Ring Thing’s Project 434 – that is what is has been designed for! Do Project 434 and get your ring, for groups, individual students and individual parents.

How do I arrange a live event in my community? As mentioned above, Silver Ring Thing does not currently have a full-time team to do the live events in southern Africa and the few live shows that do take place are graciously presented by past team members on a volunteer basis. Do you have the influence, capacity and audience to host a Silver Ring Thing live event in your community? If so, contact our volunteer live show co-ordinator, Charl van Wyk, on email address to discuss possibilities.