Silver Ring Thing – PROJECT 434

A generation set apart!

What would it look like if a generation of students embraced God’s will and challenge to be set apart? Imagine the difference. Imagine the impact…

Now YOU can facilitate the Silver Ring Thing program in your own church, small-group, school, organisation or even as an individual. Do the program – get rings – save a generation!

Project 434 is a DVD resource designed to capture students and their parents with the powerful, real-life stories of a generation gutting out the decision to wait, dealing with past mistakes, and find redemption in a broken world. This resource includes two films, one for students, and another for parents. The student film challenges teens to understand and embrace what living out a commitment to purity really means. The parent film assists parents with valuable information to support and encourage their child in his/her commitment to abstinence. Both students and parents can obtain Silver Ring Thing rings through this program. Bring this program to your community and impact students and parents with the truth of God’s plan for purity.

The program is inspired by 1 Thessalonians 4:3-4 which states that for us to live a life pleasing to God, we must be sanctified and avoid sexual immorality. This life is not natural, but something that can be ‘learned’ and accomplished through faith in Christ. The vision of Project 434 is for this young generation to capture the truth of these verses and model an uncompromising integrity that will transform culture.

The Project 434 program is a five-week series that starts with a 48-minute film for students during week one, followed-up by a four-week series containing the Scriptural support and understanding of living out a commitment to purity.

Students After watching the DVD film, students are encouraged to wear silver rings as an outward symbol and expression of their commitment to wait in a youth culture that knows no boundaries. In the four weeks following the film presentation, students participate in ‘NEXT- Living Out Your Commitment to Wait’, a comprehensive curriculum covering temptation, boundaries, forgiveness, and trusting Christ in all areas of your life. CLICK FOR MORE.

Parents Parents are the No. 1 spiritual influence in a student’s life. Therefore, they need to be properly equipped on how to encourage and support their child in this life-changing decision. Project 434 starts with a special 48-minute film for parents. After viewing the DVD film, parents receive ‘NEXT- Equipping Parents to Lead’, a four-session workbook designed to help inspire abstinence and convictions in their children’s lives. Finally, parents are offered the opportunity to wear a silver ring as a reminder to pray for their child every day. CLICK FOR MORE.

Small Group / Youth Group Now YOU can facilitate the Silver Ring Thing program in your own church, small-group, school or organisation. Do the program – get rings – save a generation! CLICK FOR MORE.

To be encouraged and equipped in their commitment students can link up with others through the local YOUTH Facebook Page and on Twitter at SRTafrica.

ORDERING Order safely online right now! CLICK HERE to go to southern Africa’s‘s Silver Ring thing section. Alternatively, call Walk Thru the Bible in Johannesburg on 011-782-4222 to order your Project 434 today!