Silver Ring Thing – FollowUp

Creating a culture shift that promotes sexual abstinence and second chances

Silver Ring Thing comes alongside young people making a commitment to abstinence until marriage. Silver Ring Thing FollowUp is freely available to all who have made the commitment. Students can choose to participate in the various components of the follow-up program, as is helpful to them and may unsubscribe at any time.

Silver Ring Thing Southern Africa’s FollowUp, comprises:

Two monthly emails (if you have an email address)

One monthly SMS (currently only available with South Africa)

– Youth website – click here

– Facebook – click here

– Twitter

How do I get involved Silver Ring Thing FollowUp? You can subscribe to either, or BOTH!:

1) SMS: From within South Africa SMS 42862 (Standard SMS rates apply) with the word ‘SRT FOLLOWUP’, your name, surname and email address. Send the SMS from the cell number you’d like to receive the bi-monthly SMS on, or provide a different number in your text.


2) Email: Click here to subscribe to the bi-monthly UM… Until Marriage email message. You simply provide your email address and click subscribe. Be sure to verify and confirm your subscription in the follow-up email by clicking on the verification link  – check your inbox and possibly your spam filter.

For any other queries, please email